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A wholesale importer of fine handcrafted home accessories from Lombok, Indonesia.

Indonesia is a Nation rich in history and artistry. Sasak Gallery, named for the Sasak people of Lombok, Indonesia, is very proud of the fine lines of handcrafts we have found and imported from Lombok, the Indonesian island directly east of Bali.

Over the past eight years, the owners of Sasak Gallery have personally selected and purchased various lines of fine handcrafts directly from artisan groups in Lombok, under the standards and guidelines set by the Fair Trade Federation (FTF), and are proud members of that organization.

As a wholesaler, we only sell directly to the trade. However, we invite anybody who is interested in beautiful and unique products to browse our site. We will direct you to some fine stores or designers who carry the lines. Please note the prices listed are Suggested Retail prices only, and may vary from actual prices set by your local retailer.

Thank you for visiting Sasak Gallery & Imports!

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